Patient Discharge: 18th May’18

As my mind travels back to that day, Tuesday 15th April 2018, it was only divine inspiration that led me to Aster Hospital of which I had no information except having read in Gulf Times of its opening in Doha about a year ago.

I am simply overwhelmed by the hospitality and dedication of the doctors, nurses and administrative staff right from the emergency to the private room where I was hospitalized for three days due to severe dehydration as a result of acute food poisoning.  The extremely kind attention from all quarters rendered with such warmth and always with a smile through their tiresome schedule, helped me to recover quickly.  And last but not the least Dr. Girish Kumar to whom I owe the raising of my blood pressure from a very low to its normal level.

As I was leaving the hospital on the third day, I looked at the grandeur of the hospital and felt that ASTER has a class of its own and all due to the far sighted vision of Dr. Moopen in the medical field with emphasis on patient care with utmost dedication and service with a smile!

In conclusion, I felt like a VIP on a 3-day holiday in a 5 star hotel.  This is what Aster Hospital is likened to.

Shanti Rodrigues


Patient Discharge: 4th May’18

I would like to thank you wholeheartedly and the doctors who made the surgery very successful and possible. Also to all the nurses who attended to all my needs and who were very accommodating and kind.

Specially to Dr Yogish who has been very good and easy to talk, thank you very much. Staying here was very relaxing though I was sick and the people are all very good

Noime Ganacias Bantique


Patient Discharge: 19th April’18

I would like to take this opportunity and appreciate the entire team member of Aster hospital.

On the 17th of April, I was admitted in room 217 for sinusitis surgery with doctor Agish.

During the period when I was admitted(17th – 19th April) I felt like I am surrounded by my family member and not just a hospital staff.

I would like to request you to personally thank the nursing team who supported me in my first night after the surgery as it was a very difficult experience for me . They were very supporting and was around me all the time , even without even giving me a chance to ask for it. Everyone had shown a very high level of care , support and service, which I thing very difficult to find in any where else.

Doctor Agish , I kept him till the end , because he was really very patient with me and all my complain. He understood my case and never make me feel am sick and did his level best to help me by reducing all the pain. He eliminated all the barrier and make me feel I am with a friend . He was wonderful .

Please pass my compliment and appreciation to all the team .

Best Regards

Drihmi Dhafer



Patient Discharge: 22nd Apr’18

I just want to recommend Aster Hospital (D Ring, Doha) for all our staff in any medical problem in the future.

I had very bad week, but when you encounter genuine hospitality in your life, it causes a warmth and kindness to emanate outward from your heart. We survived everything, easily.

Dear Regina,

I just wanted to write you a note to thank you again for the big support we had with you and all team from Aster hospital.

We really appreciate all the time you spent with our family.

Thank you for being such a hospitable and kind host!

All I can do is offer my thanks over and over again.

Ljiljana Breberina


Patient Discharge: 25th Feb’18

Dear Aster Hospital Staff,

The service from Dr Agish and all staff was excellent and of a very high standard. (Thank you Dr Agish!!!)

I would not have been better cared for !!  Please thank the anesthetist and all auxiliary staff for their kindness and compassion also.

I have spoken to the education nurse in the ward to pass on to the nursing staff my thanks for their kind, gentle, compassionate, reassuring approach.

Thank you very much indeed. The quality of care has been excellent.

Alexander Andrew Gibson & Family


Patient Discharge: 05th Feb’18

The nurses team are excellent. Their care and kindness on the approach to the patient is crucial for the recovery and well being of the patients.

The cleaning team was available maintaining room and washroom clean.

Doctor Jobin was excellent in maintaining visits throughout the day and all my stay. Thank you all the team. You really treat your patients very well.

Please keep up the standards and quality of people of your staff.

Thank you all and kindest regards.

Renata Coelho Faria


Patient Discharge: 09th Aug’17

Dear Aster Hospital Management,

This is to convey mine & my family’s gratitude to Aster Hospital Management and each and every Staff of the Hospital towards the care, service, attention, etc given to us during my surgery last week.

The professional approach of Dr. Yogish & Dr. Mubarak are remarkable. The care and attention received from all Nursing staff and in particular from Samuel, Siso, Thushara & Dalia who were caring me after the surgery were really heart touching.

We were so comfortable there resulted from the kind approach of Priya Mam and all other staff there.

Finding nothing as such for further improvements for the time being.


With Warm Regards,

Abdul Azeez Parakkottu Palath