The Aster Nurture Program

At Aster, we believe a child is life’s greatest gift and this gift must be nurtured and cared for. As the name suggests, Aster Nurture is a programme that aims at nurturing, caring and protecting the mother and the new-born baby from the time when the mother conceives till the child is 5 years old. We bring to you a special discount price on our Maternity Packages especially for Expatriate moms-to be who are unable to travel to their home countries for this special time in their lives. Our promise at Aster Hospitals & Clinics is to make you feel as comfortable and special as you would be with your support system back home.

What Our New Moms Have To Say

Benefits of Choosing Aster Nurture Packages

Free Hospital Tour

A tour of the hospital facility will be arranged for the expectant mothers who are enrolled with us in Nurture program. Our customer care executives will make you acquainted with the facilities in the hospital along with a briefing about the maternity and baby care.

Discounted Antenatal Packages

At Aster, we offer the most affordable Antenatal Packages which are available at the Aster Clinics and Aster Hospital in Qatar. This package includes the consultations with the gynecologists, along with regular tests and scans throughout the period of pregnancy.

Continuity of Care

From antenatal care at the clinics to the delivery of the baby at Aster Hospital and post-delivery care at the clinics, we will be there with you, caring for you at every step on to this journey of parenthood. A smooth transition between the clinics and the hospital is made possible through enrolling in the Aster Nurture program.

Special Maternity Packages

With an experienced team of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in our clinics, coupled with advanced delivery and neonatal care facilities at our hospital, we ensure you and your newborn are in safe hands. We have special privileges for you even if your insurance is paying for the delivery

Free Antenatal Classes

Antenatal Classes are offered as a part of Antenatal Care. The purpose of these classes is to educate the expectant mothers about the various physical and emotional changes that occur during the term of pregnancy. We also provide informative sessions with the Physiotherapist, Midwives and Dietician as part of these classes. Members enrolled under Aster Nurture program are offered these classes at free of cost

Financial Counselling

The couple will be given financial counseling to address common financial questions regarding their respective insurance and maternity benefits. This helps the couple to plan their finances well in advance and therefore avoid any kind of stress related to it.