Corporate Services

Reduce your company’s employee healthcare costs

Like most companies, you are likely faced with the need to find lower-cost healthcare solutions for your employees. ASTER Hospital can be part of the solution for you and your employees by delivering high-quality, affordable, and convenient healthcare. In fact, ASTER can lower your company’s healthcare costs by a significant percentage.
Here are the six ways that ASTER can lower your company’s healthcare costs.
1. Reduces costs by reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity
2. Provides easy and inexpensive access to preventative services
4. 7 days a week access and extended hours mean that employees don’t have to get treatment during business hours.
5. Online facility helps you manage and direct your employees to the doctor nearest to your worksite and a prior intimation is being given automatically to the concerned clinic about your employees’ treatment.

ASTER is so close and convenient to your employees, “It’s like having your own company clinic.” Additionally, an empanelment will help maximize your savings and provide special benefits to your employees and their dependents.

Providing Personalized Care
To provide you – our corporate clients – with personalized care, a dedicated Corporate Services Liaison Officer is assigned to every client to look after all your healthcare needs. Your assigned Liaison Officer will help answer all your medical queries and can also arrange for the value-added services you require. Ask us how you can start sending your employees to the “company clinic” today!
If you would like to be contacted by a DM Healthcare representative to learn more about special programs and offers for Corporate, Please contact at: