Aster Medical Centre

Welcome to Aster Medical Centre – the largest healthcare service in Qatar…

Aster DM Healthcare headquartered in Dubai launched its operations in Qatar in 2003 and now operates with six medical centres, six pharmacies and diagnostic services. DM Healthcare has grown exponentially under the brand ‘Aster’ to provide quality healthcare at the affordable cost of over 20,000 customers a day delivered across 9 countries, through 317 establishments which include 18 Hospitals, 96 Clinics and 203 Retail Pharmacies. It has 19258  employees including 2018 full-time doctors, nurses, pharmacists, paramedics and admin & executive staffs as of March 2017. Aster DM Healthcare’s Qatar Operations is a full-service primary health care provider that manages the following Medical Centres, Diagnostic Services and Pharmacies. Our clinic provides specialized medical and dental services at no cost to low-income underinsured and uninsured patients. All major Insurance companies will be empanelled and customized initiatives for corporate tie ups will be promoted.


Vision, Values and Mission

Vision: “A Caring Mission with a Global Vision”

Values: Integrity – Doing the right thing without any compromises and embracing a higher standard of conduct Passion – Going the extra mile willingly, with a complete sense of belongingness and purpose while adding value to all our stakeholders.  Respect – Treating people with utmost dignity, valuing their contributions and fostering a culture that allows each individual to rise to their fullest potential Excellence – Surpassing our current benchmarks constantly by continually challenging our ability and skills to take the organization to greater heights Compassion – Going beyond boundaries with empathy & care Unity – Harnessing the power of synergy and engaging people for exponential performance and results

Purpose statement: “We’ll Treat You Well” This simple promise sums up what we do and why we exist. This is the promise we’ll strive to honour every day, every moment. This is the promise that will foster our culture, our way of life. The promise that will make our community and the world trust us. Together, let’s live this promise.


Key Management Personnel:

Dr.Sameer Moopan – CEO

Dr.Nazar Moopan – Medical Director

Mr.Arun Somanath – Head of Finance

Dr.Rekha Surendran – Head of Insurance

Dr.Mahesh Patel – Head of Quality

Mr.Nikhil Joseph – Head of Corporate Relations & Marketing

Mr.Nitin Premkumar – Head of Operations

Ms.Rejeena Pinto – Head of Nursing

Mr.Kiran Manjunath – Head of Human Resources