The care and kindness I received at this hospital was beyond my expectations. The nurses were very professional, their smiles made me feel very comfortable despite my anxieties and were very reassuring.

Overall my experience here has been superb. The owner, managers and superiors should feel honored.

The gentlemen who work in the in-patient department were extremely helpful and supportive. They are an asset to the hospital. Keep doing what you are all doing. Its brilliant.

Sarah Sulina



Today I Mrs Farhana Khan and my husband Mr Moinuddin Khan would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt gratitude towards Dr Yogish H.R (Specialist Gen & Laparoscopic Surgeon) and his entire team for the exceptional care they have given us.

Just to brief, my husband was admitted in the Aster Hospital on 16th September 2018 after he complained of a severe, excruciating and unbearable pain in the middle and lower end of the rib cage. He was admitted in the ER immediately and was examined quickly. Let me take a moment here to name few of the ER staff with whom we interacted who were extremely courteous and professional in their work. We could see the compassion and care in their eyes. Just to name a few, Dr Subramanian (ER Physician) who was the doctor on duty that day and the (ER staff) Bindu, Nisha, Nimmy, Vincent and Reny. These are the ones with whom we interacted. But overall in general the entire team was very helpful during the time of need. My husband was given proper medical care while the tests were being conducted on him for his cause of his infection to be diagnosed.

During his stay in the ER he was also under Dr Jobin (Internal Med). I cannot move forward before I acknowledge the care and compassion he showed towards us. Dr Jobin was extremely professional and guided us well on the procedures and tests which were going to be carried out on my husband. He made frequent visits to see if my husband was doing well with the medication that they were giving. He also suggested a CT scan to know the exact reason behind his pain which was performed by Dr Shibu (Radiologist). He did the in depth analysis and diagnosis. After the CT scan reports were out, my husband was diagnosed with inflammation in the gallbladder. Dr Jobin guided us very well. He explained to us all the details related to such condition and also what would be the line of treatment in such case. He could see the anxiousness on our faces, so he took time to assure us that we were in right hands and everything would go well and very soon my husband will recover. It made us comfortable because he seemed to know exactly what was wrong and with logical explanations for it he gave us several options for treatments. He also introduced us to Dr Yogish (Specialist Gen & Laparoscopic Surgeon) for further line of treatment which was surgery.

As we were nervous and anxious thinking of the further course of action, a charming personality entered the room carrying confidence, hope, professionalism, compassion, care, humility and most importantly a very charming smile on his face. I am talking about none other than Dr Yogish here. He explained us in detail my husband’s condition to us and also explained how the operation would be conducted. He also threw light on the pros and cons of the pre and post-surgery which helped us take the decision very comfortably. He was so clear and confident that our worries and concerns just vanished away. Besides being extremely personable, what impressed us the most with our surgeon Dr Yogish was how confident he was that he would be able to help us. He answered all my questions and put me at ease and I felt my husband was in the best hands.

He was operated on 17th September 2018. Although the surgery was meant to be small of just one and half hour but it took almost 3 hours to finish the entire procedure. As anxiously we were waiting outside the OT, it was only when the doctor came out and he explained the complications he underwent while operating him. He was diagnosed with Acalculous cholecystitis and there was puss formation along with perforation. His internal organs were inflamed which made the surgery even more complicated and difficult for the removal of the gallbladder. It was only for a doctor with such caliber, knowledge, experience and confidence that Dr Yogish could perform this entire surgery with Laparoscopy. Most importantly the surgery was a success. He made use of the best and new surgical technology to ensure minimum pain to my husband. Although the surgery was complicated but for him to perform it in laparoscopy was a miracle. He not only took care of him but took time to do the job right. His team of other doctors who were there to assist him, here I would specifically like to mention of Dr Manju (Anaesthetic), who managed everything so well from the time of my husband being anesthetized till regaining back consciousness. She was a great support post-surgery too. Post-surgery Dr Yogish and Dr Manju gave timely visits to ensure that my husband was recovering well. As the saying goes, A good doctor’s comforting and reassuring words are sometimes more powerful than medicines, the same worked for my husband’s quick recovery. Dr Yogish’s counseling on his every visit worked like a wonder drug for my husband’s quick recovery.

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you Dr Yogish for your fantastic care of my husband. Your quality and integrity as a surgeon and, more fundamentally, as a person, shines through. Thank you so much for all the care and for your great sense of humor which made the tensed atmosphere lighter.

Along with the Doctor I would also like to mention few of the staff here with whom we interacted while we were shifted back in our room pre and post-surgery. The In-patient nursing staff were excellent and were honest and dutiful towards their work. They worked with sincerity and dedication and gave the best of themselves. To mention a few here I would like to begin with Samuel, Siso, Marianne, Dalia, Sharin, Lijo, Sheena, Anty, Chinju, Sajna, Neethu, Ashwini, Raji, Yveah and the entire nursing staff who I have forgotten to mention. Our specials thanks to Samuel and Siso for these 2 were the main nurses with whom were interacted and they were very sincere and hardworking. The staff were prompt and courteous enough to attend us whenever we called them. The nurses here are the friendliest I have ever seen in my entire life which made a lot of difference.

Ms Dhivya (Dietician) also took care of his diet post-surgery.

Before the discharge the pharmacist Ms Deepthi also came to guide on the course of medicines.

Thank you to the entire IP staff for their cooperation, care and concern. We acknowledge and appreciate the efforts and hard work of all.

I would like to mention few special things which the hospital management did which cannot be ignored as they have touched our hearts and will be cherished lifelong. 19th September 2018 was my husband’s birthday and which was very sweetly celebrated by the hospital management. To our surprise the entire hospital staff, one by one came to our room to give him wishes on his birthday. Followed by this the management staff along with few doctors (Dr Yogish and Dr Mubarak) came to our room with a cake and also sang for him the birthday song and wished him. This act of theirs was very kind and full of compassion. We were highly moved by their kindness and were overwhelmed. The entire team saw to it that they made this day very special for him and indeed it is an unforgettable sweet memory now. We are highly obliged and thankful towards the entire management for the same.

I would also like to mention about the customer service staff who were very kind and helpful and made things very easy for us right from admission till discharge. To name the few Sailal, Seara, Rakhi and Rohin. They took care of all the insurance approvals part and didn’t make us feel a bit of trouble. Thank you to the customer service department too.

We were also visited by the Admins Mrs Priya , Mr Jased and Mr Faisal to get our feedbacks on any improvisation if needed in any of the departments. They also wanted to know if we were satisfied with the service the hospital was providing. I must say that the hospital is very well built and equipped with the latest technologies and amenities. The entire stay was so comfortable that it felt just like home. This is one of the biggest key to a successful path to take feedback from the patients and keep on improvising on self-level. We really loved the approach and vision the hospital management had. I would refer this hospital to everyone who has any problem, as it has all the latest amenities and technologies along with the best specialized and experienced doctors.

It would be unfair if I didn’t mention about the security guards who were on duty 24x7. They were very dedicated and courteous. They always welcomed us with a greet and smile during our visits. Not forgetting the house keeping department who 24x7 kept the hospital clean. It is definitely because of their continuous hard work that the premises remain dirt and germ free. Would like to thank them for their continuous support. Keep up the good work.

To sum up I can only say Dr Yogish, Dr Jobin and Dr Manju and the entire team of all departments are true asset to the hospital. Each one of them are very dedicated and honest towards their work. All the team members and the supporting staff have gone extra mile to help us out. What impresses us the most is the personalized attention each department has given us. Each and every staff were knowledgeable and approachable. The Doctors were not just professional and experienced but also humble, friendly and approachable. This type of care and genuine behavior makes all the difference in the world and makes us always know that we would choose Aster Hospital over any other place to do any procedures in our future. Just have to say the whole experience was one of the most professional I have ever encountered. From the reception welcome to discharge, no staff could do enough for us. Nurses, doctors,...everyone, in fact it was like being pampered in a health club. Honestly I think you could not fault anything at all. 100% recommended. Best wishes to all.

Mrs Farhana Khan



“Thank you” is not enough to express my gratitude to the entire team at Aster, especially the nursing team. Hospital stays are usually not pleasant. It’s scary and makes you irritable.

My stay at Aster was a pleasant one. I would like thank each and every member of OT under Mr Krishna Chandran and the nurses at IP Wing under Ms Lijo. Quality of care at a hospital is largely influenced by the care given by the nursing team. Let me tell you that you have an excellent team at nursing. You should be really proud of them.

I would like to express my sincere love to Dr Agish, Dr Mubarak and Dr Manju for the confidence given to me before and after the surgery..

Thanks to the Insurance team for the timely follow up and securing approval on time and making this surgery possible at the earliest convenient date.

I would rate Aster at 10/10 with Excellent care, Excellent facilities and Excellent staff

Yes “you treat us well” . The caption of your’s says it all..

Thanks a tonne …. 

Arun Kaimal



I really appreciate that you took care of me well, though I am away from my family. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and I am extremely happy with your five star service. I felt I am with my family. No inconvenience, no rudeness and all happy faces only.

Thank you. 

Shan Basheer



I express my deepest gratitude towards you and the entire team who made my life easy during my stay at the hospital. From the staff who made my admission smooth (customer care gentlemen), the nurses who prepared me for the surgery, the surgeons and doctors at the operation table and all the wonderful nurses who were by my side while I could hardly do anything for myself, the nutritionist, the hospitality crew, to the house keepers. Thank you very much.

Very, very special thanks to Sisters Sharin, Thushara and Aswani for exceptional love and support. They did everything professionally and displayed a lot of competence and more so love beyond duty. Thank you Dr Niveditha for walking with me from my first appointment, to the theater and beyond. For assuring me that everything was gona be alright. Your patience and professionalism is amazing. And, to Regina, for the visits and encouragement, always with a smile made me feel at home.

Wishing you all God’s grace as you continue to impact many patients with your gentleness, love and kindness. 

Sarah Mugi



I Yasmeen Siva would like to express my thanks and appreciation for the wonderful treatment and care that the doctor and staff of Aster hospital showed to me. Being my first hospitalization in Qatar, I was very nervous and daunted by fear of the unknown but you all were so kind and reassuring which took away my apprehension. You all demonstrated your total commitment into caring for me and making my stay comfortable as possible. I have grown close to a few of the staff and will certainly stay in touch.

Dr Gireesh, I am highly grateful to Dr Sophia for recommending you as my doctor. The competency of you and your team was really aspiring. Thank you Dr Gireesh for the sound advice and caring nature.

Thank you all for the professionalism and ethics shown. 

Yasmeen Siva



This has been an exceptionally outstanding experience in a hospital. It is definitely the best of the best. The staff are so courteous, polite and friendly. Yes there is one who stood out of all the nurses and it was the night nurse. Her name was Sharon. She must be acknowledged for the commendable care and treatment to my wife. It felt so comfortable to know that my wife was in good hands. I thank you all. Yes we will definitely be advocates to the service of this brilliant hospital. Thank you once again and not to forget sister Ragi who also looked after my wife during the day. All the best.




The minute I stepped into your hospital, I felt the care and warmth. From your customer service to the processing counter, to the doctor’s office, the process was smooth and put my mind at ease that all will be alright. Dr Yogish is very informative and a great communicator. I felt in talking to him that he is in control of his profession and that I am in good hands. Throughout the surgery and during my hospital stay he visited us often with clear directions. The nurses and nutritionist and all other staff were also very helpful. I highly recommend this hospital.

Nabil Shehade



As my mind travels back to that day, Tuesday 15th April 2018, it was only divine inspiration that led me to Aster Hospital of which I had no information except having read in Gulf Times of its opening in Doha about a year ago.

I am simply overwhelmed by the hospitality and dedication of the doctors, nurses and administrative staff right from the emergency to the private room where I was hospitalized for three days due to severe dehydration as a result of acute food poisoning. The extremely kind attention from all quarters rendered with such warmth and always with a smile through their tiresome schedule, helped me to recover quickly. And last but not the least Dr. Girish Kumar to whom I owe the raising of my blood pressure from a very low to its normal level.

As I was leaving the hospital on the third day, I looked at the grandeur of the hospital and felt that ASTER has a class of its own and all due to the far sighted vision of Dr. Moopen in the medical field with emphasis on patient care with utmost dedication and service with a smile!

In conclusion, I felt like a VIP on a 3-day holiday in a 5 star hotel. This is what Aster Hospital is likened to.

Shanti Rodrigues



I would like to thank you wholeheartedly and the doctors who made the surgery very successful and possible. Also to all the nurses who attended to all my needs and who were very accommodating and kind.

Specially to Dr Yogish who has been very good and easy to talk, thank you very much. Staying here was very relaxing though I was sick and the people are all very good.

Noime Ganacias Bantique



Patient Discharge: 19th April’18

I would like to take this opportunity and appreciate the entire team member of Aster hospital.

On the 17th of April, I was admitted in room 217 for sinusitis surgery with doctor Agish.

During the period when I was admitted(17th – 19th April) I felt like I am surrounded by my family member and not just a hospital staff.

I would like to request you to personally thank the nursing team who supported me in my first night after the surgery as it was a very difficult experience for me . They were very supporting and was around me all the time , even without even giving me a chance to ask for it. Everyone had shown a very high level of care , support and service, which I thing very difficult to find in any where else.

Doctor Agish , I kept him till the end , because he was really very patient with me and all my complain. He understood my case and never make me feel am sick and did his level best to help me by reducing all the pain. He eliminated all the barrier and make me feel I am with a friend . He was wonderful .

Please pass my compliment and appreciation to all the team. 

Drihmi Dhafer



I just want to recommend Aster Hospital (D Ring, Doha) for all our staff in any medical problem in the future.

I had very bad week, but when you encounter genuine hospitality in your life, it causes a warmth and kindness to emanate outward from your heart. We survived everything, easily.

Dear Regina,

I just wanted to write you a note to thank you again for the big support we had with you and all team from Aster hospital.

We really appreciate all the time you spent with our family.

Thank you for being such a hospitable and kind host!

All I can do is offer my thanks over and over again. 

Ljiljana Breberina



Dear Aster Hospital Staff,

The service from Dr Agish and all staff was excellent and of a very high standard. (Thank you Dr Agish!!!)

I would not have been better cared for !! Please thank the anesthetist and all auxiliary staff for their kindness and compassion also.

I have spoken to the education nurse in the ward to pass on to the nursing staff my thanks for their kind, gentle, compassionate, reassuring approach.

Thank you very much indeed. The quality of care has been excellent.

Alexander Andrew Gibson & Family



The nurses team are excellent. Their care and kindness on the approach to the patient is crucial for the recovery and well being of the patients.

The cleaning team was available maintaining room and washroom clean.

Doctor Jobin was excellent in maintaining visits throughout the day and all my stay. Thank you all the team. You really treat your patients very well.

Please keep up the standards and quality of people of your staff.

Thank you all and kindest regards.

Renata Coelho Faria



Dear Aster Hospital Management,

This is to convey mine & my family’s gratitude to Aster Hospital Management and each and every Staff of the Hospital towards the care, service, attention, etc given to us during my surgery last week.

The professional approach of Dr. Yogish & Dr. Mubarak are remarkable. The care and attention received from all Nursing staff and in particular from Samuel, Siso, Thushara & Dalia who were caring me after the surgery were really heart touching.

We were so comfortable there resulted from the kind approach of Priya Mam and all other staff there.

Finding nothing as such for further improvements for the time being.

Abdul Azeez Parakkottu Palath



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