Aster | Droobi Diabetes Program for Only Qr.19/- per month

Managing diabetes has never been easier!

Aster Medical Centre & Droobi Health partner together to offer digital health programs to people living with chronic conditions.

Combining diabetes educators, tracking tools & educational material, Droobi Digital Program is everything you need to take charge of your health.

How does it work?

Get your subscription to Droobi Diabetes Program for only QAR.19/- and enjoy endless diabetes coaching from highly experienced educators. All you need to do:

  1. Get the subscription card from the Aster Medical Centre C Ring Road
  2. Scratch and get your personal code
  3. Download Droobi App 
  4. Register to start your #Diabetes program
  5. Enter the invitation code to start chatting with your educator/dietitian.

With Droobi Health Mobile App, you will:

  • Track your blood sugars, food and physical activity, all in one place.
  • Get continuous support from your personalized diabetes educator at any time.
  • Connect to your meter with real-time insights to take informed decisions 
  • Enjoy interactive lessons tailored to help you achieve your health goals

For any other inquiries register here: or please send a whats app message on 44440499, we will call you back with details.

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