Child Immunization & Vaccination (Travel & Preventive)

Child Immunization

Step by step protection against infection is what your child needs. Follow the steps of vaccination your doctor advises. Following is the normal immunization chart which is generally followed.


At Birth BCG, Hepatitis B
2 months HEXA 1, PCV 1, ROTA 1
4 months HEXA 2, PCV 2, ROTA 2
6 months PENTA, PCV 3, OPV 1
12 months MMR 1, Varicella 1 Optional – Hep – A    (2 doses with 6 months interval)
18 months MMR 2, OPV 2, Tetra
4-6 years DTaP booster, Varicella 2, OPV2
13-16 years Tdap
6 Months – 18 Years Influenza
2-12 Years Meningococcal
Influenza From 6 months  and above during flu season especially for high-risk persons

Hexa : (DTaP + Hib + HBV +IPV)

Penta : (DTaP + Hib + HBV)

Tetra : (DTaP + Hib)

Meningococcal vaccine is recommended for children at 2 years of age, high-risk persons and travelers to endemic areas.

You may collect the vaccination charts which are available at the clinic.

Preventive Vaccination

As part of our efforts in prevention and early treatment of infectious diseases, Aster offers recommended vaccines to protect from common diseases they are at risk against.

The following vaccinations* are available in Aster

    • Tetanus Toxide
    • Hepatitis B Vaccination
    • Hepatitis A Vaccination
    • Hepatitis A & B Combined Vaccination
    • Meningococcal Vaccination
    • Typhoid Vaccination
    • Chickenpox Vaccination
    • Influenza Vaccination
    • Pneumococcal Vaccination

*Subject to availability

Please Note: Some vaccines are not safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women. You are also advised to avoid pregnancy for 3 months after most vaccinations. Consult your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding and if want to receive a particular vaccine.

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