Aster DM Healthcare Awarded Accreditation by Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners

Aster DM Healthcare has been awarded accreditation by the Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners (QCHP). Effective from 1st November, 2017, this is an important milestone as Aster DM Healthcare is now an accredited as a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Provider. Following the accreditation, Aster DM Healthcare is therefore eligible to provide CPD credits according to QCHP.


As part of the Qatar National Health Strategy, the Qatar Council of Health Care Practitioners instituted mandatory CPD requirements for all healthcare practitioners licensed in Qatar.


Medical science is dynamic, every day there are new developments that require practitioners to participate in learning to update their practice. CPD is the process by which healthcare providers are engaged in continuous learning and stay abreast of new knowledge, skills and professional attributes that enable them to provide the highest quality patient care.


Receiving the accreditation is an honor and that was possible due to the collective effort of the Asterian’s and the diligent assistance of the QCHP Accreditation Department.


Dr. Sameer Moopan, Chief Executive Officer thanked the Aster DM Healthcare physicians, nurses, pharmacists, allied health practitioners and administrators who has put great effort to build the CPD infrastructure. He also acknowledged those who planned and implemented quality CPD educational activities that were used as evidence to support the QCHP accreditation application.