Speciality - Neurology
Designation - Consultant (Neurology)

Dr. Harsha Bhatia is an eminent Neurologist in Doha, with more than decade of experience. She is well versed in various conditions and diseases involving the central and peripheral nervous system, including their coverings, blood vessels, and all effector tissue, such as muscle. Dr. Harsha Bhatia is an avid writer and having fairly good number of paper publications in different journals to her credit. One of the outstanding publication includes ‘Yet another Variant of GBS with Hyperreflexia and loss of pain’ in the journal of neurology. Prior to joining Aster, she was working in India and KSA.

Dr. Harsha also has a good flair for teaching and has worked as an assistant professor at SAIMS medical College, Indore. Dr. Harsha Bhatia is proficient in English, Hindi, Sindhi and has working knowledge in Arabic.