Medical Check-up


Apart from the routine medical needs, our network of clinics provides corporate medical check-ups for

Employment / Overseas Placement

    • Pre-work Assessment
    • Periodic Work Assessment
    • FTW (Fitness to Work) Assessment
      (Medicals for Dolphin Energy, Shell, Qatalum, Qatar Petroleum, Oryx etc…. are being done)

Vocational Medical Check-Ups

      • Food Handlers
      • Immigration / Permanent Residency Applications (Blood Grouping)
      • Employment Pass Applications
      • Driving License Certification



Scheduling medical appointments when you’re feeling fine may seem like a waste of your time, but the old saying ‘Prevention is better than cure’ is very true. Regular medical check-ups will pick up any potential problems, allowing you to take steps in either preventing them or beginning early treatment. Many large corporations insist that their executives have a full medical examination every year. (Executive Health check-Up)

Aster Corporate Wellness also provides effective and affordable Workplace Health Promotion Service(WHPS)* to support your various statutory or corporate employee health requirements.

Workplace Health Promotion Services:

      • Consultancy on WHPS Programme Design
      • Corporate Health / Lifestyle Profile
      • Management Report on healthcare utilization & disease trends
      • On-site & Off-site Health Screenings
      • Employee Health Workshops
      • Employee Travel Health Vaccinations / Advisory
      • Lifestyle, Health and Interest Surveys
      • WHPS Health Talks and Forums

*WHPS is managed by the Health Education and Training (HEAT) team of Aster

If you would like to be contacted by Aster DM Healthcare representative to learn more about special programs and offers for Corporate, Please contact us on 74799375  or email us at